Car stalls in reverse when cold

Email me if anyone has a fix for this Daniel Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 10/23/2017 17:49:54: RE: Stalls in reverse only Aug 08, 2008 · Hi guys, I have got Golf IV 1. Jun 05, 2008 · My 2000 F250 stalls when I shift from Park to Reverse about 80% of the time. . My car (99 Ford Taurus) stalls when sitting idle for a while in the cold- right when changing gear to reverse. I have had this car for almost 46 years now, and I cannot bear to part with it. It only takes about five minutes of driving for reverse to stop working. Check them after the car stalls out no spark. just a guessdon't call  You may have to keep the car and drive it for a few days to see if it stalls. Start the car up when it's cold and runs fine. Lately its been getting worse to the point that the car stalls when I put it in reverse and the engine is cold. A stall is the slowing or stopping of a process and in the case of an engine refers to a sudden The ways in which a car can stall are usually down to the driver, especially with a For example, if the selector is in the 'D' position and the car is moving backwards, (on a steep enough hill to overcome the torque from the torque  24 Oct 2016 Hi there. In fact, your car engine can even stop running while you’re driving. My car is fine when it is warm but anything below 50* causes it to die. my car attempts to stall while on reverse but runs normal on drive. The stalling is recurrent - initially it happened when the car was cold but now occurs even with hot engine. Dec 08, 2017 · On cold mornings, it stalls when first being put in reverse. 9L automatic that stalls when put in reverse. My car stalls in the morning when I put it in drive or reverse. chip, 105,000 mi. Jan 25, 2013 · For some reason, your car chooses that moment to stall out. has started to stall when it is put in reverse only after starting it in the morning when the motor is cold. It’s worse when cold. No shaking. Car: 2008 Maxima SL KM: 92,000 Problem: After starting the engine on a normal day, the engine is relatively quiet and RPM is stable around 1000. When it’s cold, engine oil becomes thicker and doesn’t flow around the engine as well. But, once I put the car into drive or reverse, it stalls. When the car is put in reverse, the car will start right back up as if nothing happened. Lately, I've noticed that my car starts fine in cold weather. 36 problems related to car stall have been reported for the 2013 Ford Fusion. -Battery & alternator seem alright. In park or Neutral no problem, if I step on the accelerator pedal the engine works fine. If you’re in traffic; even slow traffic, and your car stalls you might get rear-ended. ) when I have the brake pressed and in park, it idles fine May 15, 2017 · Through this article, you will not repeat the wonder – what cause a car to stall when put in gear, instead, you likely diagnose the issues whatever your vehicle is the manual or automatic transmission. . 15 Aug 2018 One such vexing issue is car wont move in drive but will in reverse. The car seems fine in idle, neutral or drive. Everytime I put it into reverse it jerked kind of hard the RPMs dropped then it stalled out. I got a 2006 Impreza 2. Help Renault Grand Scenic, 1600cc VVT Petrol, Feb 2005, Engine Stalls in cold weather I have had a few problems with this car, the latest problem even the dealer's technician can not find the cause. The car seems to start hard and then when I waited 10 minutes could not get it re-start ( was back firing a little bit. Any comments would be appreciated. This will happen until it warms up a bit more. i have a 97 golf 2. but the weather got too cold and I ignored it for a while and now in a deeper holeit's leading to the Jun 23, 2006 · I have a quick question in regards to my 1989 automatic Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. I was trying the reverse again to get out of the lot when it kicked back in. Car stalls slightly in reverse making hard left or right. It will also stall after a good 20-30 miles driving when I go to park. you will be OBD2, which only means it will throw 3 digit codes. Reverse seems to work at first start up when everything is cold. In order for an engine to start and run cold, it requires more fuel than when it is hot. Dec 19, 2018 · Does your car or truck run fine as long as you keep your foot on the gas pedal, but it stalls and dies when you come to a stop light or intersection? This can be a tricky problem to solve because there are several things that could be causing the issue. You can hear Annie's frustration as she struggles to get the Olds fired back up. I changed the I take temperature sensor and it didn't fix it. If it is warm out, it is fine. If it stalls on the highway, you could be involved in a very serious accident. After I have driven a short distance the  The 2015 Honda CR-V has 9 problems reported for engine dies in reverse. My car runs good when it's cold but stalls once it warms up? What gives? Well, there is an ignition problem that can cause this when the engine gets hot and it stalls. with my foot Off the gas as i start the car up it seems like its fine then as the idle goes to level out the rpm's drop and it dies, unless as i start it up i give it a little gas then the idle levels out and it seems to run fine. Both of these complaints are generally caused by a problem with cold start enrichment. 11 Dec 2013 see, it's tellin' the computer there is COLD air in the intake plenummakes the combustion RICH and fouls the plugs~. This only happens in the morning and only in reverse. I have a 2004 Honda Accord ex V6 that makes a whining noise when the car is cold. it has 205xxxkm on it. Cold Start, Shift from Park to Reverse or Drive, DSG "Slams" into Gear & Stalls Engin Per thread title, I have a 2015 VW Passat TDI SEL Premium w/DSG. Jul 20, 2010 · Cold Engine Enrichment. I Hello members, My 2002 E320 Wagon stalls when put in drive or reverse. called the guy and he said something like this. I have a 1994 club car ds gas cart that has been having a hard starting problem cold. Truck stalls in reverse Dakota 2001 Sport Truck . My 2000 Honda CRV starts when cold, however I must continue to give it gas and it will die when I shift into Reverse or Drive. It starts right away, but when I shift the automatic transmission to Drive or Reverse, it dies out every time. Sasha then suggests driving herself because she believes Loli is a bad driver. When I first got the car, it was running great. Re: 92 Firebird stalls after stopping. (Page 1 of 2) If the car stalls cold, the first thing to check is for a stuck choke, which may be letting too much fresh air into the intake manifold. There may be lots of reasons a car stalls at intersections, including low automatic transmission fluid levels, moisture in your gas, broken sensors, or issues with the EGR valve. Any idea what this might be? It starts up fine, and even when I run the shifter through drive or reverse it starts to stall. If I put the car in reverse not holding the brake it shifts rough but doesn't stall. Depends how hot the car is when I stop, if its cold or warm then its fine, if it is just before hot it can rev up to 1500 and then down to 500 revs, if its on normal operating temp then its just drops straight to stall I have a 97' Ram 2500 with the same problem, except it stalls when I come to a stop, and seems to happen a lot more when it is very cold out. Stalling is caused by a loss of air, fuel, or electricity while the engine is running. Auto Stalls when put into Drive or Reverse. Rencently my engine will surge when cold and sometimes stalls. Nov 24, 2009 · Car was running fine during drive home from work (10 miles). also when im driving and put the car in neutral the RPMs just drop and the car stalls 95% of the time. When your car stalls, it means the engine has died, which can be a really frustrating and even scary experience. On older engines with carburetors, cold stalling (and hard starting) is most often due to an automatic choke that is sticking, misadjusted or broken. But don’t panic, because we’re here to thoroughly prepare you for a car engine stall in the event it ever happens. Doesnt matter if the engine is cold or 200 degrees my idle in park is roughly at 1500rpm and the engine still stalls when putting into drive/reverse. Starts back up first trie, put it in reverse and dies again. Just recently my 99 maxima stalls when trying to drive it cold. It never happened before and it hasn't happened since then, can anybody tell me what's going on?? hi folks. I bought the car brand new in 2016. It's gotten so bad that when I park my car, I have to make sure that I don't have to reverse up a hill to get out. It’s going to be the engine temp sensor that feeds the computer, and also you may have a fualty or clogged injector. The car starts fine every time, but intermittently stalls. What could it be. When it is cold outside (<40 degrees), and I start it in the morning, usually with the In PA I always pull fwd into garage, reverse in morning and it stalls. If it runs put it in gear, if it stalls then its a load problem and could be fuel restriction. When your call “stalls” it basically means that your engine stopped operation suddenly and shut down. CPS new - replaced by Ford mechanic today with no results - HPOP within the last 5,000 mi. My 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer stalls when sitting at a red light but not all the time,rpms go up then drop to 200 and car cuts off,already cleaned throttle body,changed fuel filter,changed map sensor,changed exhaust cam actuator solenoid and still stalls,any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Re: club car jerks when moving forward Cart is a 1988 . I haven't tried that yet. If your car stalls out at red lights, it means that your engine suddenly can’t control the idle. the car shudders quite a bit while idling, and I think this stalling in reverse must be a this car either shakes violently or shakes and dies when it has a cold engine  11 Jan 2017 So this morning, I shifted into Reverse and the car stalled out. Car starts okay and runs fine in idle. Jun 09, 2012 · EVERY TIME I PUT IT IN REVERSE. I drove it to the liquor store 2 miles from my school because it was a Friday night and I wanted to show how badly my car was messed up to my friend. When you put the car in reverse and move backwards and stop and put the car in drive the car stalls like it's out of gas. However, on certain instances (after coming out of car wash or being left overnight in the rain), after I start the engine, the RPM is unstable and I can feel the engine trying to rev up (not sure how else to describe it). SOURCE: 94 Lincoln TC engine stalls when slowing/stopping. If I just turn the car on put it in park or drive and keep it running even for ½ hour, it does not stall but if I drive it on the road for a mile or so and then stop at light, it will stall. I have to keep my foot a little bit on the gas to keep from stalling if I shift from park to reverse. An occasional stall while in reverse doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with the vehicle, though repeated and frequent occurrences may warrant investigation by a mechanic. Jun 13, 2006 · Engine Stalls When Auto Transmission Is Engaged similiar to what has happened to my girlfriends car. Before the oil change my car was driving fine now it seems as if it doesnt want to to drive and shifting to reverse and drive my car just sits there then moves please help with any info Diesel automatic stalls when selecting gear on cold start w209 w211 270 om612 To MBCLUB-Why does my auto Diesel engine stall on cold starts as soon as I change from P PARK to D DRIVE or R Reverse ? More info:-I've turned the AC unit off before starting the car. It only happens in the morning after being off overnight. 5 L with auto trans. Usually when you shift into reverse and engage the brake it will cause the engine RPM to drop; as it's creating a load against the  Vehicle stalls when put into reverse/drive from a cold start so didn't know that the drive issue was their fault, not an existing one on the car. It tends to wind down until it stalls. It's ok when it's cold but if I drive about 5 miles and need to reverse it will stall. When I shift it into reverse, it pauses, and then the transmission shifts into reverse after a lag. When starting the car in any car, auto, manual, or DSG, it's a good habit to step on the brakes when starting the engine. If I go into drive after starting up, it is fine. I have an appointment at the end of Dec. In short, you press on the gas, and nothing happens, and in fact, the car seems to lose power or "bog down. In fact, when combined with thin air (high altitude) and very cold temps, the DSG may provide enough resistance to result in a no start condition because a diesel needs compression and adequate rpm. If i sit and idle for about 5 mins then it will come precipitously close to a stall but usually get through it. com ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the The car starts with a little difficulty when cold. Ever since I threw a rod through the pan on the original 235, and my hubby decided it needed a small block, this nightmare began. My car fine when the car is in reverse coming out of the driveway, but the moment i put the car in drive and press the gas pedal, it take about ten hard pumps before it takes off. Each time the car starts again, but rides really roughly. Or when I stop at a light or stop sign. Renault Scenic (2003 - 2009) - 2005 1. If the problem only happens when the engine is cold, a bad electric sensor is likely to blame. -Revs drop under 1000rmp when selecting a gear. When my cars gets warm to normal temp. Although the truck still wants to stall, I have to give it much less gas to keep the engine turning. However, recently, when I have put the car into reverse, what I can New battery, now engine stalls Service & Maintenance. com ® CarComplaints. Tried new plugs, wires, AIC-sensor, cap and rotor for the distributor. It has about 88000kms on it. Current condition: It stalls at stop sign/light while idling (foot on brake & shift in drive). Tried starting turns over but won't run. The problem ends up disappearing throughout the drive, but the cycle start over every time i cut off the engine *I just got my transmission flushed and this problem *Cliffs: So. BUT, if I put the car in 1st gear and start to release the clutch the engine jerks and will stall if I don’t rev the engine and take off slowly. Mar 12, 2013 · The problem with most forward reverse switches is no one ever takes the time to check the contacts and the cable connections to them. It was a great car, but about a week and half in, it started to stall in reverse. They arrive and Sasha is trying to park the car but it is on a slope and she must also reverse the car. A common complaint, especially when temperature start to drop is, “My car runs poorly cold, or my car is hard to start cold”. ONLY if I go into reverse first. When a vehicle stalls in any gear, it's generally a problem with the amount of fuel, amount of air or electric spark getting to various parts of the vehicle's engine. What's really confusing me is that it NEVER stalls when I'm in drive, and it never stalls if I'm driving THEN go into reverse, such as for parallel parking. The car is a 92 with 135k on it, the engine is a JDM replacement so I'm not sure how many miles are on the clock. Replaced coil packs does the same thing. Heat causes expansion. When I put it in reverse or when in drive I also hear a rattling noise but once the car has warmed up it goes away and everything is fine. The cold trans fluid caused the torque converter to have enough friction in it to cause the engine's rpm's to drop and stall the engine. I have to rev the engine a bit to keep the car from stalling when I put  Depending on whether the engine is hot or cold, there are a couple different reasons why a car might start with no problem but stall shortly afterwards. Car stalls at junctions when cold? Why does my car run in reverse and stalls My car does this occasionally in the morning, if I don't let it warm up (read: I'm late for work). Car stalls when put in Drive or Reverse 5 Answers. i got my transmission filter flushed and the filter changed a week or so ago. It's caused by a lack of spark which can be either the ECU's fault (on EFI cars), or the coil on pretty much any car. Sep 17, 2009 · Car stalls at red light or stop sign, do this and make you car run like new - Duration: 14:52. Will a crankshaft position sensor fix this or a torque converter or torque converter pump . Any ideas what I can be dealing with. I very much disagree with Mr Coxs’ statement they “barely work”; he’s simply spoiled by the “plug and play” easy-peeziness of computer controlled fuel injection. I never let it sit more than 6 days without having a Battery Tender Plus  2nd Gen Ram Tech - Stalls in reverse - I have a 2001 Dodge Ram and the engine will stall when I put it in reverse. 2 V8 today for $800, I saw this really good looking 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 4x4 for $800. Whenever I have to back up, it seems like the gears are just not engaging fully or something like that. W124 'stalls' when put from drive into reverse? Hi, I've owned my '94 e220 coupe for a few months now and it's going great. The 2013 Chevrolet Equinox has 21 problems reported for engine stalls/dies while driving. Jul 03, 2019 · Engine Car stalls when going to I also notice if I put the AC on when it's cold it doesn't do it but when it's warm it does WTF Car cuts out and stalls when i Did you ever figure out the problem? I have the same issue with my car. Today i tried putting it in drive first, and it didn't stall. In 30 seconds or so the engine purrs. Waste of money. Works fine in drive. Noticed it when it turned cold on the east coast(Dec). When it does stall I just put the car in neutral or park and it starts right up and runs great. - great site - I love my '02 7. I would very much appreciate your advice or any suggestions I might pursue. Often, there’s a thud also. The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is also suspect for cold stalling problems, as are the ever present vacuum leaks, especially on older cars. 3 auto, 4 dr, 6 pos. As expected, the rpms drop when shifting from park to reverse, but they drop so low that it cuts off. At stop signs and stop lights I feel the car start to tremor, so I put the car in neutral and cross my fingers. The 1st time they replaced the oxygen sensors, which temporarily solved the problem. Help please Apr 21, 2012 · Why does my car stall when I put it in reverse? Okay so last night my car drove fine as usual and while i was going to park i had to put it in reverse and it just stalled on me. On cold mornings, or if the car was sitting in the cold OVER like 6 hours, i get in, start her up, wait like 2 minutes for the idle to stabilize. If I start it a couple more times it stays running. Problem: After driving about 2 miles, on traffic lights RPMs go down and car stalls on idle. A stalled engine can keep your vehicle from moving effectively through traffic which can create a dangerous condition which could result in an accident. When your engine stalls, it's not only bothersome, it can cause unnecessary wear to your car, or it can even be dangerous. The second it goes in reverse, and i'm turning the wheel, my rpms drop to 400 and my volts guage drops, making the car feel as if it's going to stall. Sometimes RPMs go down to 400 and car is OK (but battery light comes on for a second) and sometimes RPMs go straight down to zero. It seems like it only has reverse when it is cold. Stalls as soon as it idles, instead of sitting nicely at say 1200-1400 revs it just drops to nothing and stalls. " A second I have a C350 2009 that has a transmission double shifting problem from 11K miles. 2, has a problem nobody has heard of or can fix With the cold weather, when I start up, wait a little, then shift into reverse, it stalls and the engine light blinks steadily. And lately when i go to put my truck in reverse first thing in the morning it stalls. This fixed the vibration problem but the car still had a hard time getting into reverse. RB The Mechanic 16,159 views Mar 15, 2017 · Engine dies when put in reverse/drive, 99 out 100 times (1995 GMC Jimmy) Doesnt matter if the engine is cold or 200 degrees my idle in park is roughly 700rpm and feathering the gas peddle when putting it into gear seems to have no effect. If I don't press it in right away, the car stalls out. When put in reverse it stalls for some reason. Ill start it fine put in reverse (rpms drop a little)step on the gas and stalls right away. It has an automatic transmission. Subject: car stalls when put in reverse: Reply: The most obvious respnse would be to raise your idle. Started up right away after it stalled 3 times trying to put it in reverse. Nov 15, 2013 · Hello everyone. and some times if i rev the engine only in Park/Neutral instead of revving up the rpm as it goes to idle again it almost dies like rpms will drop real Oct 31, 2012 · I have a 1999 Infiniti G20. A tiptronic gearbox has a hydraulic  If your car dies on you, it's called an engine stall. Most common cause of stalling for Lincolns in that era is the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Also, when truck is warm it will not idle. Average repair cost is $220 at 71,850 miles. Oct 18, 2011 · Because when the engine is sitting there not warmed up with any fluids running through the components, and suddenly it gets put into gear, it stalls to send a warning that the engine is still cold Sep 26, 2011 · Does it stall when sitting at a red light or slowing down, or is it just when it is put into reverse? If it happens sitting at a red light or when slowing down try shifting the transmission into first gear manually by putting into 1. Too bad I have to feel like that cause the car is my baby for cryin out loud. February 8, 2017 . When this sensor detects a problem, it sends a signal to the engine to change the amount of fuel being used. Most commonly, this clicking noise can be attributed to the brake pads moving or shifting into the new direction of travel. she put it back in park, it started right up & then died again when she put it in drive. A common noise heard from brakes while a vehicle is in reverse is clicking. I have had the truck for 3 years and have never been able to figure it out. Jul 10, 2013 · no the car is a manual. Let me say that when the engine is warm, the car runs as it should. Runs fine when cold. Annie's shapely legs are outlined in her yoga pants and provide a clear view of her sliver sling back heels on the gas pedal. It's hard to tell because everything is extremely quite in the car (love it). goes into all gears fine when not running and first thru 4th when running. This phenomenon is only with the cold engine, or else, when I start the car after a longer time. sorry first post is a problem. With the engine at operating temperature it was 44 psi with the ignition on, 35 while it was running, and 42 when shifting to reverse (it stalled out again). Don’t just start changing parts. Got home and it started to shudder and want to die right as I was pulling into my driveway. When i applied gas, the rumbling stopped, but once i applied the brakes and the car was stopped or nearly stopping, it would rumble again. Ford F-150 2009 Engine 100000 miles. If I hit the gas lightly in reverse, it will Engine stalls when warm Rough idle, stalls, when engine warm. Annie is ready to leave and puts the car into reverse but it quickly stalls out on her. If I shift to reverse and quickly take my foot off the break it will sound like its going to stall, but doesn't. This should be set with it in drive, and depending on your engine, should be set somewhere between 650-800 rpm. Also, once I start the car let my foot on gas for few min, and then put into drive or reverse, it drives fine. As soon as its put into gear 2005 Passat TDI always stalls in reverse on cold start I have a 2005 Passat TDI that will ALWAYS stall when put into reverse after cold start. it will idle just fine, but when i press the clutch in my RPMs drop and the car almost stalls. If your car has problems running at an idle that low, try setting your idle mixture screws. But now, the car hasn't been started for the last 3 weeks. the knock sensor is located aboe the strter and below the header. 1998 saturn sw2. When i reverse the car using the clutch i get this burning smell (clutch burning), i am aware this will happen if i hold the car on the clutch for a long time, although i seem to get this straight Oct 31, 2019 · Car batteries produce less electrical current when it’s cold, due to the chemical reaction being slower than on a warm day. -2 weeks ago my car died very time i put it in reverse-then started stalling when im driving every time I slowed down-took to mechanic and replaced the idol air control (IAC)-car worked fine for a week with no stalling - now its dying when i put it in reverse again Its a 1998 Jeep Cherokee with 104,000 miles on it Just started when temps dropped to +10F (or so). Also no codes. Mechanic's Assistant: What is the model/year of your Jeep? 2013 wrangler sport Put it in Reverse for the first drive of the day, take foot off brake, stalls out. This mostly happens unintentionally; for example: if you are driving a manual transmission car and release the clutch too fast while starting off The car idles perfectly in park. But it's weird, it will only stall out during that first backup, when the car is cold. 5i. I asked a few other people and they said try cleaning the throttle body. when she did get it to work she put it in reverse for a second & then May 01, 2015 · The other truck is an 89, but the 460's were kind of a parts mix of their own. 26 Jun 2012 While driving home earlier, i noticed my aircon was not cold. my wife called me today & whenever she would put the car in drive it would die. One such vexing issue is car wont move in drive but will in reverse. Put it in reverse, it dies sudden like. My 01 Pathy, 3. (did it 3 times on a 2 min trip to store) I notice now everytime i push the clutch in when coming to a stop revs will drop to 100 and try to stall. My car will turn on fine and run OK in park and I can put it in drive, but it will start shaking really bad and die when I come to a stop. I just went out and started my 240, let it warm up (its snowing here, so its cold) put it reverse to back out drive, as soon as i push the clutch in to shift into 1st my car stalled. few other improvements unless you see a mass air on your air box, and if your eec connector is behind the airbox that's not the case #ad That little square thing on top of the tube right Oct 11, 2015 · Stalls when cold & shifting into gear. Any suggestions? Feb 25, 2013 · Nissan - Maxima :: Car Stalls In Cold Weather After Starting Once Put Into Drive Or Reverse. Id start it up again back out the driveway and put it in drive car than stutters and stalls right away. Start the car again (when cold would be good) and turn on a/c if its an ISC fault revs wont increase and/or it will stall. 6 (benzine) and after I start the cold engine I have problems to keep the spins up. Jul 04, 2016 · When it is cold, say 30-45 degrees. Sep 01, 2019 · How to Determine Why a Car Stalls at Intersections. – Fuel filter. I bought it from a Subaru dealership about six months ago, certified pre-owned. Learn what causes the car to act like that and the ways to solve them. b20 engine. Battery remained disconnected for extended period. The car also stalls on her during the drive. Diagnosing the cause of Depending on whether the engine is hot or cold, there are a couple different reasons why a car might start with no problem but stall shortly afterwards. Checked coil packs when cold there's spark. It's an automatic transmission. This is an emissions outlet for your vehicle, and so vapors will exit from there. Has good spark, has 140 psi compression, new fuel pump, new carb, new ignition coil, new spark plug, have changed the oil, filter and fuel filters. The car would crank right up and idle pretty high, nothing strange about that given the cold weather, but the second you would shift the car into reverse or drive, the engine would stall and die outright. Dec 01, 2015 · 6 Reasons Your Car Stalls. When it's cold out, start it up, put it gear (drive or reverse) and it will stall. It can be more than a little embarrassing to be the stalled car in front of a line of cars once the light turns green, but this issue is more common than you think. After that it is fine. Good safe!!! Sources. is currently investigating reports of sudden stalling with Toyota Prius hybrid electric cars. Here is the breakdown of what has been done so far - 1. When i was turning in my home carpark, the engine suddenly stalls and i have to . While i'm driving my tachometer fluctuates and it makes the car jerk back. 1000 RPM. Gets up to operating temperature and stalls. earlier today i put my auto transmission in reverse and the car started rumbling hard and vibrating. Car Stalls Out in Reverse What Gives (Solution Found!!) This problem started about a couple of days ago. I'm sitting in the parking lot with the car purring like a kitten, go to put it in reverse and it dies. It regulates fuel mixture, idle speed etc. However, starting today engine stalls/dies every time when trans. At a cold start I got 42 psi with the ignition on, 35 while it was running, and 37 when it was in gear. Unfortunately, the search engine on these forums seems to Aug 15, 2018 · There are some troubles that come without any warning. 0 w/automatic transmission. How about she reverses into the parking space/drive/garage so she can drive out forwards and not need reverse until the car has warmed up a bit? reverse gear difficult when cold. When I turn it on for the first time of the day and I go reverse it works perfectly fine but after driving it for a few miles if I try to go reverse it completely stalls out. Runs fine. Runs great otherwise. Now, to get it started, I have to floor the gas, and keep giving it gas, or it dies. Jan 22, 2019 · I have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler with 26000 miles on it. Help please Every couple of months a Z car owner somewhere cries out "Help, my car is suffering from hesitation/stumble: what could be wrong?" . Some weeks ago, with warmer temperature, I did not face this issue. Let it cool down for a half an hour will run after starting. I want to sell it but want to know what this noise is first My 1275 Mayfair likes to stall sometimes when selecting reverse or touching the brakes. A few months later, it was stalling again. Plus money on the spark plugs, fix the oil leak and the car rental. I am ready to set fire to the whole damn car. I finally had to press the gas a little to keep the RPMs up enough so it wouldn't stall out. The stalls seem to happen when I am coming from a stop, like when I stop to put my car in reverse to back into my garage. Hi guys, I have Ford Focus 2004, 1. The fan keeps fluctuating between high and low or sometimes even Vt stalls or feels like it will in cold wheater when about to swith to drive from reverse! Discussion in 'VT - VX Holden Commodore (1997 - 2002)' started by gippa, Jul 15, 2019. The light comes on when the car stalls because the engine is not running and the pump therefore is not pumping. Clicking Noises. Initial Issue from March to October is hard starts; Happens on the first start of the day. Whether it is an old-style 2-cycle gas or an electric powered golf cart, all battery current goes through the forward and reverse switches before it makes it to the motor. Blog, Car Maintenance Tips TOP 3 REASONS WHY YOUR CAR DIES WHILE DRIVING. May 29, 2015 · Hello, Everyone: I have a 1995 Volvo 940 Turbo that stalls in reverse. occasionally stalls car. My car (2002 grand marquis) does the same thing. 8 petrol. I have not driven the car at speeds higher than 35mph, so not sure of the other gears. Now i put my car into Reverse. If I rev the engine, I can keep it running and it will run OK once warmed up. strange smelly light colored fog coming from under the hood close to the wind shield. Apr 15, 2006 · Hi, I own a Ford Expedition 2015 King Ranch edition here in UAE. CAN NOT EVEN MAKE IT INTO NEUTRAL WITH OUT IT STALLING Think I need to warm it up real good ? Thanks. However, at the steepest part of my drive, if I put the truck in reverse and don't do anything else, the truck will still die. You’re driving down the Federal Highway, praying to get out of the traffic jam soon, and suddenly, your car sputters and just, dies. Nov 20, 2013 · After more consideration: The car stalls within the first 5 or so minutes of a trip and I believe occurs when the accelerator isn't depressed- stopped, or coasting. I have a 2000 honda crv love the thing to death but it has been giving me some trouble lately. Bought it in early November w/11k miles on it. 60°F CTS, engine did fire, no issue then. Cold batteries simply don’t produce the same amount of power as warm batteries, and this effect can lead to starting issues. It never stalls out going forward, at a traffic light, or going in reverse later. Car stalls when shifting from reverse to forward. it is cold outside but the car was idling fine for 10 minutes or so when she put it in drive. A new situation arose: I could go in reverse, but I could also shift the car in Like a lot of other people, I've had a problem with my 2006 Toyota RAV4 which can best be described as a throttle lag, hesitation, low power, acceleration, or stalling problem. I turn the key and the car starts right up, it idles a little fast, from I suppose a choke of some kind. Also, driving down the road while it's snowing it will have misfires. Mechanic's Assistant: Is the check engine light on? Does the car stall at idle or when driving? The light is not on. There are many things that could cause a car to stall, with solutions ranging from simple to complex. it happened to me twice before but i thought nothing of it. A shop can easily check this out if the car comes in very cold, like towed in, or you leave it overnight. from one end of the spectrum to the other now the dealer called me saying the entire transmission needs to be replaced (new one is 10k LOL). These have all have a positive effect on the truck. 1. module is responsible for an intermittent stalling problem, the engine will usually cold  22 May 2012 Everytime I'm in Park and shift into Reverse or Drive, the engine shuts off. Car glides smoothly into reverse, however putting the car in drive again, will cause it to stall. Wish there was a tachometer. Please help. Revs up Stalls. Put the car in reverse holding the brake the car stalls, if I go into neutral or drive it works fine. I just sold my 99 Dodge ram 1500 LT 5. 7AT stalls whenever I put in Drive or Reverse. Since the last few months or more I have been facing a great issue with the rear air conditioner. Doesn't matter if I let it warm up for 1min, 5 min or 15 min. Customer Question 1998 mitsubishi galant, manufactured fall 97. Why Will My Car Go in Reverse But Not Forward? by David McGuffin If you are driving an automatic transmission vehicle and it can only go in reverse, you may have a serious transmission issue that can only be solved by a mechanic. My Trailblazer, 2005, 6 cyl, 4. is put in reverse and motor reaches approx. Transmission used was put in no help there. IT STALLS. When car is cold, once you pass from park to drive with the brakes applied, Nov 19, 2018 · Re: Car stalls in reverse Post by Don Rush » Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:56 pm It is so sweet to jump into a 100% stock 2V small block and turn the key as per the instructions on the visor and have it start instantly and be able to put it in gear and go on a cold day. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Automatic car stalls when put in gear - YourMechanic; Engine stalls when put into drive or reverse - EricTheCarGuy As the mercury would drop, the car would have trouble getting moving in the mornings. This will reset the transmission into first gear, see if it stalls. Hi all, I have a 99 Acura Integra and im having a weird problem. 4. It restarted after pumping the gas. Aug 01, 2009 · Checked the fuel pressure today. Recently my car has bern idling a little rough in the morning while cold - only while cold. When you hear brake noise while your car is in reverse, this can be a sign that there is one of a few possible issues occurring. it started up and shifted in to reverse at my house but when I was leaving the post office it stalled 3 times. tl;dr - 2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, 120,000 miles. The stalling is prevalent when I take my foot off the gas (when going down a hill) or the car is cruising, but not when I am accelerating. Still stalls after running the engine for 5 minutes and only stalls out after put in reverse or drive. still at minimum but the outside temp was around 35, so not extremely cold. Very annoying. Automatic car stalls in reverse. Never in park. Recently I started to smell gasoline. car stalls when in reverse - 1997 BMW 328i Jan 05, 2011 · If it was my guess, I'd say being in a hurry caused you to shift into drive with the car still moving backwards. Intermittent cold stalling problems are almost always fuel-related. Annie gets in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 on this cold day. Feb 26, 2013 · Honda - Cr-v :: 2000 Stalls When Engine Is Cold And Shift Into Gear. It doesn't always do it. After its running in park for 5-10 minutes can typically drive. If the car stalls even when the engine is warm, the cause is likely a faulty electric fuel pump. cold start the she seems to idle high about 1900-2000 rpm and when i shift it into drive or reverse (its automatic) it stalls out on me. 6VVT - Engine Stalls in Cold weather. But whenever I shift to Reverse or Drive the car suddenly dies , even if I step on the accelerator pedal. It has been cold in NY below 32 degrees. Could you tell me what might be wrong with it? thanks. I have a 1993 SW2 (I know this is the SL section) with 40,000 actual miles and an auto transmission. If I put it into reverse and keep my foot on the break it stalls. warm-starting affects this. Sep 16, 2019 · How to Fix a Car That Stalls. A car that stalls while you’re driving is a dangerous situation no matter where it happens. I have to wait like 10-15 minutes until Drive or Reverse go well again. I have a new alternator and battery, and no corrosion on the terminals. gas tank; A fuel mixture that isn't rich enough (this is usually the cause of cold stalling and intermittent stalling)   This is mostly a weekend car that sits in the garage during the week. I took my car out this afternoon. thinking about what nelly said and realized this a is a 1/2 power reverse cartso if it is a bad battery it could be one of the 3 on Passenger side that are not used in reverse and that is why it is smooth in reverse? I got the car towed back to my school. The car has been flat towed behind a motorhome, but before I had it. We are going to need those codes if the vacuum leaks check out. car stalls in drive or reverse idles in park fine - If it truly idles fine (which I doubt with it being a 98 honda) you've got other driveline issues maybe a seized planatary gear or something else broke and wedged itself in there wich would be strange. A bad TPS will usually act up in one of two ways: When cold, car continually stalls; When warm, car stalls when slowing down (especially if AC is on) My car (2002 grand marquis) does the same thing. It’s much harder to check once the engine is warmed. Weather here was real cold (car did this), then warmer (car starts & runs fine anywhere I want to go), back to cold again (car did this again). There are no codes in the PCM. Reverse is no problem even in the cold weather. it is a pain to get too. Truck stalls on cold startup after putting in reverse or drive. Nov 18, 2005 · The car stalls for 1-3 seconds, but the car starts fine and I have not notice it rides rough. The care and feeding of a carb is a lost art. Types of Smoke From Your Car Tailpipe & What It Indicates. This is my first post on crvoc forum so bare with me here. These types of problems can be a pain to track down, and if the problem is an intermittent one, it can be months before the cause is found. My car has trouble moving in reverse. The ECU or the coil gets hot and expands. Cold stalling problems are the most common because the engine needs a richer fuel mixture to maintain idle speed until it warms up. Car runs fine when cold, but if left idle, once warm, idles extremely rough, and dies out when attempting to drive after warm up. I've taken it to the dealership 2 times. After about a month or so, every once in a while when shifting out of Park into either drive or reverse, the car will start to shutter/shake if I don't immediately press in the gas pedal. When it stops working, sometimes it will die immediately when shifting into reverse with my foot on the brake, other times it will stay idling and die when I try to give it gas? I got it certified preowned and only had 29k miles on it. View 4 Replies About CarComplaints. Has gotten worse in the cold. Sign In check for vacuum leaksI had my knock sensor wire come loose and did the same thing for while then after the engine got hot it would not accerate right. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2013 Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the 2013 Fusion. Car starts fine. I let it run for 30 seconds then put it in reverse and it instantly stalls, no chugging or sputtering. When I get it going, the engine will stall if I attempt to let it idle. If your sensor is malfunctioned, it could be messing up your fuel mixture; and if it’s out altogether, your car’s pretty much just guessing as to what mixture it needs at the moment. I shifted it from Park to Reverse and it RE: Stalls in reverse only IP: Logged Message: Truck stalls in reverse when cold okay when warmed up. whenever i put the car in reverse or drive it will shut right offi restart it and put it back in reverse or drive and it shuts right off againwhat could be causing it? Car starts, but stalls when put into gear. with the BMW dealer in Amsterdam, who after a thorough interrogation eventually was gracious enough to consider working on a car that wasn't purchased there. I have changed the fuel filter, checked the egr, changed the idle air control censor and the map sensor, no difference. What could be the problem? Jul 16, 2008 · Car idles fine put when I go to put it in D or R the car usually stalls. It only does it maybe 1 time out of 10 and more often when it's cold, though it's happened when it's in the 60s and 70s too. and start the car cold w/ the IAC I have a 1996 Dakota 4x4, 3. I put the car back in park, and it will run fine but will die immediatlly when I put it in reverse or drive. As a car owner you expect something to come from the tailpipe. Sometimes starts good. Timing is fine. I did not move it more than a few feet in my driveway. Jan 26, 2019 · 99 Saturn sl10 all was fine even with the cold weather car started up fine ran fine all good the one day I let it sit and idle for 10 minutes without driving it next day car would not start all lights radio wipers good no clicking or grinding when I tried to get it started fuel going good into motor just wouldn't kick over to start engine tried Nov 19, 2013 · I have a 2002 Saab 9-5 (123,000 miles)that is stalling when it's cold (starts up ok, then shudders like if suffering power loss--RPMs surge up then down, then stalls). I changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter, but the problem persists. It will basically always do it when it's cold out (bad winter here in NJ), but it will also occasionally do it after my commute even. Problem is, ever since I owned the car, most of the time when I put it into reverse or drive, the rpms will drop significantly and sometimes it will stall the car(the car stalls a lot more easily when the engine is cold) from months of dealing with this I can tell you a few things. The only other thing we can do is pull the engine AGAIN! and check the cam. I haven't yet established whether the cold-starting vs. car stalls in reverse when cold

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