About Us

Sonek LLC is a young, fast developing company. Our main goal is organizing kaolin development in the Balashivske deposit and managing distribution of high-quality products. Building and constructing work of the quarry for exploratory commercial development of kaolin began in November 2007.

The company develops one of most promising kaolin deposits in Ukraine. The entire technological and engineering cycle is accommodated and supplied by means of our own employees and equipment. Projected capacity of the company is 300,000 tons of kaolin per year. Concurrent output of sand is 250,000 tons.

Development work is conducted with the help of open-cut method in the northwest area of the deposit. The output is transported by means of truck transport to the stockpile with further shipment to customers.

Along with development activities we are investigating and exploring the deposit for the purpose of protecting natural supplies together with the state committee of geological projects assessment of Ukraine. Preserving activities are scheduled in 2009. Detailed exploration of the deposit will allow to guarantee high quality of the end-use products and compliance with the customers’ requirements.

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