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Mining of secondary kaolin

The company, the purpose of which is to organize the extraction of secondary kaolin Balashivka deposit and establish sales of high quality products.


Balashivka secondary kaolin deposit is located on the right bank of the Dnieper plateau


The productive stratum is represented by secondary kaolins. 330 samples of secondary kaolins were selected and analyzed at the deposit


High-performance Japanese excavators are used to load overburden into dump trucks in the quarry


The process of product quality control is constantly underway


The company delivers products by rail,
road and sea

Pricing policy

It is determined by its own potential, technical base, qualified personnel

Secondary kaolin

secondary kaolins of the Balashivka deposit may be suitable for the production of:

fireclay products

electrical porcelain

plumbing products

ceramic tiles

on construction

Our customers


Secondary kaolins of the Balashivka deposit on the macroscopic signs, mineralogical and chemical structure, fire resistance, similar to the clay mastered by the industry of the Oboznovsky deposit

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