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The commercial output of the Balashivske deposit is kaolin that meets requirements of technical specifications 322-7-00190503-127-97.

High content of alumina in higher kaolin grades (more than 44%), insignificant number of harmful impurities make it possible to use them as a high-quality material in the refractory manufacturing and many other directions as porcelain and sanitaryware industry.

Thus, kaolin developed in the Balashivske deposit can be applicable for the following branches of manufacturing:


  • – chamotte ware;
  • – electrical porcelain;
  • – sanitary semiporcelain and faience ware;
  • – interior ceramic wall tiles;
  • – ceramic floor tiles, faзade glazed and unglazed tiles;
  • – drain pipes;
  • – chemical-resistant products (bricks, tiles, etc);
  • – cement production (kaolin with iron hydroxide of more than 2%).


Also, OOO “Sonek” implements washed sand.

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